The main core of the business is the Old School experience. These are, basically, 1-2-1 school CP scenarios with the Headmistress, either in her study or classroom.

The study can be very imposing for pupils waiting outside to report to the Headmistress and very intimidating once inside, whilst the sheer size of the classroom creates a realistic atmosphere in itself. Scenarios in the classroom usually revolve around some form of lesson or detention. Miss Hardcastle, being a very intelligent lady, makes the lesson very realistic as well as the inevitable CP.

The sessions can be broadened into being 2-2-1 sessions with another female member of staff. The Headgirl can also be called upon to assist with the punishment if preferred. Likewise, the sessions can become 1-2-2 affairs with another Carlton pupil being punished with the client. This is usually the Headgirl, but can be other Carlton girls or boys if specified.

The PE area has traditional gym equipment, like the vaulting horse, which is a favourite for bending over. It has a variety of games equipment than can be utilised into whacking implements, like the jolly hockey sticks and table tennis bats and, of course, a multitude of traditional school plimsoles.

Day schools have always been the backbone of the school. These events comprise of a mixed class of pupils, boys, girls and cross-dressers, experiencing a full day of school lessons, based on the old school values. The school day runs from 11.00am to 5.30pm and lessons are delivered by Miss Hardcastle and her all female staff. They are delivered in a realistic manner with a mixture of fun and harsh discipline from first bell to last. The level of intellect of the pupil, though, is irrelevant to the enjoyment they will gain. All the school’s facilities are used for these events.

After School has finished everyone reverts back to reality and all are invited to join Miss Hardcastle and Staff to dinner at a nearby Restaurant. Prior to that some of the pupils check into the nearby Hotel. Reason being is that there is a great cameraderie amongst the group and they tend to socialise well into the night which usually culminates in a return to the School Venue for more fun and games. Its up to the individual if they wish to go to dinner after the School day has finished and how long they wish to stay and socialise.

Boarding schools are also run on a similar basis but lasting for 3 days. These events are extremely popular but only occur only once or twice a year. Accommodation is, of course, in the school dormitories.

Details of all school events and 1-2-1’s can be obtained from Miss Hardcastle at or mobile 07958 983589.


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