Dear Girls and Boys,

May I introduce myself, Miss S.Hardcastle, Principal of Carlton College of Correction; I believe firmly in old traditions and disciplinary values.

The school ethos is firmly implanted in the lessons, punishments and rules set out. We advocate good manners and a willingness to learn; methods appreciated and meted out when I attended a Catholic Grammar School in the 1970’s.

Both male and female pupils are dealt with in the same manner, fair – but firm. Excuses are not tolerated, neither is lateness. RESPECT for teachers and fellow pupils is necessary and any deviation from this will result in punishment; be it OTK spanking, slippering, use of paddle, strap, tawse, cane or even birch for serious misdemeanours.

I encourage pupils and their guardians to bestow me with as much in-role information as possible to necessitate a personal approach to the individual. A combination of serious lectures, combined with fun of some less academic subject gives a satisfactory, well-rounded educational outlook in this Establishment.

There is a place for jokes (lunchtime perhaps) but lessons are for learning and japes and pranks are dealt with accordingly.

Staff are all chosen for their enthusiasm and love of Adult Discipline, something I wholeheartedly and personally support and encourage.

Carlton College is a warm, friendly place for those who wish to relive their school days, but for those who wish to disrupt, then the Headmistress’s study will become familiar.

Yours Sincerely,

Miss S.Hardcastle