Aunty Judy's Home of Domestic Discipline  

Aunty Judy provides an extension or alternative to the Old School experience.These 121 sessions are for naughty nephews, nieces and special nieces.

They are held in a domestic environment with good old fashioned domestic discipline being used to ensure the Old School values,lessons and standards of behaviour are maintained at home.Deportment training can also be given.  

Should you fail to fulfill your potential and dissapoint Aunty Judy, then you are likely to find yourself over her knee. Aunty Judy's hand spankings are legendary and it is to be hoped that would be sufficient to curb your errant ways.

If not then Aunty will resort to her favourite domestic implements, which include her Strap, Slippers and dreaded Hairbrush as well as the odd Cane or two.  

For details and to arrange a visit to Aunty Judy's home of domestic discipline, e-mail her at, or call her on  07958  983589.